Landing Pages 101

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10 Commandments of Landing Pages
Start with understanding the basics of landing pages. What works, what doesn't work, and best practices. Understanding these 10 rules of success will help avoid making costing mistakes. 

10 Places To Use Your Landing Pages
Where to put your links, How to customize your landing page links, How to integrate your landing pages on social media. This will maximize your landing pages traffic and increase your ROI. 

10 Places To Find Your Perfect Customer Using Leadpages. 
In this section we share the 10 best places for you to find your perfect customer online. They aren't hiding, you just have to know how to find them and how to use leadpages to do it. 

Your Guide to Landing Page Optomization (CheckList) 
Once you’ve created the landing page of your dreams, the party isn’t over. In this chapter, we’ll discuss some common conversion rate optimization strategies and speak in layman's terms about what it really means to test your landing pages. Leave the science and math at home, and we’ll talk common sense strategies for better conversion rates.

42 Lead Generation Ideas For Your Business. 
Lead generation is the number 1 reason businesses today fail. In a digital marketplace finding your customers can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing. Here we will provide you with 42 of the best-known lead generation ideas for small business owners. 
BONUS: More than 20 Step BY Step Videos of How To Effectively Use Landing Pages To Generate Leads

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